Tübingen: Imaginary Places

It is a travelling of melancholy, years since my last long train journey through Germany. Fog, low hanging November clouds, specks of light on grey green brown patterns, rows of trees marking edges and possessions. Horses, cows, a flock of geese, a single wading stork pass by the window. I have to switch trains three… Continue reading Tübingen: Imaginary Places


St. Louis: In-N-Out

I gave my talk at nine (9) am (on a Sunday). Afterwards, I met someone I didn't knew I knew who's from Poland. Nice to meet at least someone at the conference I (didn't knew I) knew. So that was it, first flight was, of course, overbooked; had to check my cabin bag for some… Continue reading St. Louis: In-N-Out

Berkeley: The Free Speech Riots / An Audio-Visual Account

ORIGINAL FOOTAGE Berkeley, CA: Street fighting broke out after Antifa / Black Bloc protestors disrupted a planned Free Speech Rally at Berkeley’s Civic Center Park. Soundtrack: S.O.D. – United Forces (1986) Lyrics: It doesn’t matters how you wear your hair It’s what inside your head United Forces stand for all strong and fair Black, white… Continue reading Berkeley: The Free Speech Riots / An Audio-Visual Account